Welcome to Body Continuum

Our Mission

To provide service to the community by supporting each individual with the intention of spreading peace, harmony and joy.

Welcome To Body Continuum

Our Vision

Body Continuum is About Body Awareness

We believe in supporting people in taking time for themselves.

We believe that positive touch is self healing and each session or class that our client experiences improves their health and stimulates their body’s self healing processes.

We believe body awareness is preventative therapy.

We believe that when the individual is restored and energized their healing energy ripples outward. This can be seen in the individual returning to their life and affecting their friends, family and colleagues with their positive energy, more patient approach or having clearer insight into the larger picture.

We believe that by making choices that consciously support our clients in a non-toxic environment for their session or class, being eco-friendly and being aware of our local and global communities, we inspire those around us to be more conscious and together we will create global change.

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