Massage for Special Populations


Prenatal & Postpartum Massage

Specific techniques can reduce pregnancy discomforts and concerns and enhance the physiological and emotional well-being of both mother and fetus. Skilled, appropriate touch facilitates labor, shortening labor times, easing pain and anxiety. In the postpartum period, specialized techniques rebalance your structure, physiology, and emotions and may help you to bond with and care for your baby.

Pregnancy Massage – 4 weeks minimum
Postpartum Massage and Bodywork – Up to 1 year

Prices:  45 minutes $55  |  60 minutes $68  |  75 minutes $85  |  90 minutes $100

Pregnancy Packages

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Massage for Children & Teens

Massage for children promotes good posture, pain relief and prevention, stress reduction, emotional stability, strengthened immunity, healthy sleep patterns, self-healing of daily physical traumas and the emotional growth necessary while being a kid. Most importantly, it supports proper relaxation and stress management.

Professional massage is best biweekly / seasonally
Massage for Toddlers (ages 2-5): Seasonally
Massage for Children & Pre-Teens (ages 5-12): Monthly
Massage for Teens (ages 12-18): Biweekly to every 3 months

*Parents must be present during every session for children under age 12.
Prices:  45 minutes $55  |  60 minutes $68  |  75 minutes $85  |  90 minutes $100

Massage for Infants

Infant massage includes a lesson on how to massage your child. During this time we go over strokes for flexibility, calming, strengthening and assisting digestion. Learn more
Prices:  45 minutes $55  |  60 minutes $68  |  75 minutes $85  |  90 minutes $100

Elders Massage

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For ages 70+, this massage focuses on the bringing about increased mobility, circulation of blood and lymph, reducing arthritic pain all with a soothing touch. Sessions can be as short as 30min up to 75min in length.
Prices:  45 minutes $55  |  60 minutes $68  |  75 minutes $85  |  90 minutes $100