Frequently Asked Questions

Massage relaxes your body and mind so you can release tension, feel rested and increase energy. Massage and Body Treatments support you by creating the time and space you need to rebuild and regenerate tissues. Yoga aligns your body movements with your breath, steadies the mind and restore the body’s sense of balance as well as the inner balance of you bodies intricate systems.

What to Expect

My goals for every session are. . .

  1. To learn about you and customize a session based on your health history and the areas on which you want to focus.
  2. To help you relax and unwind when you arrive with a relaxing foot soak massage.
  3. You receive a customized massage in tune with your breath and your body. Your session time doesn’t start until my hands begin to work with you on the table or mat.
  4. We complete your session with some feedback, and I offer to show you some simple stretches for self care. Then I take note of how we can make you more comfortable for your next session.

Reiki Massage

“I think you will find that when you receive thorough, quality care with a practitioner who wants to know and work with you, it will change your experience of massage forever!”
—Veena, Body Continuum Owner

During a “Full Body” massage what areas of the body are touched?”

The areas of the body that I massage are the face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, stomach, rib cage (women will be given a breast drape when the stomach and the ribs are massaged), hips, buttocks, thighs, legs, ankles, feet, upper & lower back, and the sacrum area.
All of these areas will be massaged only if the client would like these areas to be massaged and if time allows. Any areas that the client would prefer not to be touched will naturally be respected.

Is it necessary that I am nude when I receive a massage?

No. Any clothing that you leave on will be respected as a boundary. Any underclothing such as boxers or underwear that covers your stomach or thigh will also be respected as a boundary; So if you would like these areas to be massaged you may just uncover those areas when it is that time.

Will I be covered with something when I receive a massage?

Yes, I feel that as comfortable as the client or the therapist is with nudity, the client should always be draped with a sheet. If the temperature is too warm ask your therapist to uncover your legs & feet you may also uncover your chest if you like. Women will be provided with a light breast drape.

The placement of the drape helps you as the client to know what area will be massaged next. The drape can also provide a sense of safety and most importantly a boundary of touch for some people.

Should massage hurt?

Massage should never place more pressure on your body than you desire. Feel comfortable to tell your massage therapist to give you a little more or a little less pressure whenever it is needed. Do this for yourself and your therapist. If your therapist has already passed a spot let them know that where they just passed was a bit tender, sore or that it needed deeper work. Good communication between you and your therapist is very important for both of you.

If I just want my neck and shoulders massaged can my massage focus on just that area?

Yes, of course. If you just want a few areas to be touched that is fine.

Should I be conscious of what I eat and drink before the massage?

Continue to drink the normal amount of water, herbal tea or juice that you take in every other day and try to avoid caffeine and sweets a few hours before your massage. Just remember the more active you are the more water your body uses therefore needs. The best thing to do is to consult a doctor, or nutritionist if you have concerns.

It is ok to eat before a massage but try to eat something light and allow approximately 45 minutes to an hour to go by before you receive you massage.

If I was in a recent accident, can I receive a massage?

It is always best to consult a doctor or chiropractor first. There may be other therapies that they would prefer you to participate in first. Most doctors are very supportive of massage and will offer you a prescription to a massage therapist they may even be able to help you locate one who offers medical billing. Discuss your options with your doctor and remember to always honor yourself and empower yourself with your choices.

Can massage help reduce muscle tension headaches and migraine headaches?

Yes. Massage increases blood flow and can relax muscles to reduce the intensity and the frequency of headaches.

What other benefits are there to receiving massage?

Massage encourages total body relaxation, which aids in more peaceful sleep helps to bring about balance in the body where there may be imbalances. Other benefits include:

      Stress Relief
      Reduced muscle discomfort
      Reduced blood pressure
      Increased circulation
      Helps to harness and increase positive energy

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