Signature Sessions


Stone Massage

42-15668836 stone massage
Stones heated to various temperatures from hot to cool are placed on the body in both resting and sliding stone techniques. Heated stones loosen muscles and increase the circulation of blood, lymph and Qi while cool stones tone muscles and sooth sore areas.
Prices:  60 minutes $90  |  75 minutes $110  |  90 minutes $125  |  120 minutes $165

Seasonal Fresh Flower Therapy

qNzkoj7DHE0NUsXcTPtaIVn8edSQ_UIJIzVouzjHJ0Y=w155-h207-p-noLying on a bed of fresh organic petals with fresh flowers placed between toes and fingers, flower petals fall over your body and onto your forehead and eyes. Large blooms are placed in alignment with your chakras.
Prices:  60 minutes $90  |  75 minutes $110  |  90 minutes $125

Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop therapy is an aromatherapy massage using organic essential oils and synergistic blends. The oils are applied like drops of rain along the spine, then brushed rubbed and kneaded into your back. All treatments build the immune system, strengthen the nervous system and stimulate the self healing of old injuries and traumas.
Prices:  60 minutes $90  |  75 minutes $110  |  90 minutes $125

Reconnections: Massage & Bodywork for Body Awareness

Initial Consult (3 hours) + Two Follow-up Sessions (75 minutes each)
Includes a full consultation using three theories of assessment (Asian, Ayurvedic & Western) to discover your current body constitution and how to work towards your balanced body constitution. During your follow up session we discuss your experiences, followed by a 90 minute massage & bodywork sampler session.
Price:  $395

Seasonal Assessment

Each season we reassess and note the changes that have occurred on our path to balancing your body using the three theory assesment & the self awareness massage. (2 hours)
Price:  $175