Pregnancy Packages

Prenatal Fitness

Regular Session | 2 hours | $110

Each Prenatal & Postpartum Package Session Includes:

Foot soak massage
75 minute massage
30 minute private mini yoga session
Mini infant massage lesson for infant’s first six weeks
Total Session Time is 2 Hours

1st & 2nd Trimester Package | 12 Sessions |$925 (Save $505!)

Includes 12 sessions
Includes 1 complimentary 1st Birthday massage for Mom
3 monthly sessions for prenatal weeks 12-24
5 bi-weekly sessions for prenatal weeks 26-34

3rd Trimester & Postpartum Package | 15 Sessions | $1020 (Save $340!)

Includes 15 75-minute session
Includes 1 complimentary 1st Birthday massage for Mom
Weekly massages from week 36 till your birth
Weekly postpartum massages for the first few weeks, house-calls included
3 quarterly massages for 12, 24 and 36 weeks old

Full Prenatal & Postpartum Package | 30 Sessions | $2310 (Save $1100!)

Includes 30 sessions and 3 complimentary sessions


1st Trimester – 4 monthly massages for weeks 12-24
2nd Trimester – 5 bi-weekly massages for weeks 26-34
3rd Trimester – Weekly massages for weeks 36 till birth, house-call fees included
3 quarterly massages for 12, 24 and 36 weeks old

Postpartum Massage through Mom & Baby’s 1st 6 months

6 weekly massages, house-calls included for 1st 6 months
3 bi-weekly massages for weeks 8, 10, 12
2 full infant massage lessons, with book and guide
3 monthly massages for weeks 16, 20, 24

Complimentary Sessions

Partner Prenatal Massage Lesson

An opportunity to guide your partner to address areas that can relieve fatigue, pain and stress quickly, to teach different qualities of touch and show body mechanics & proper support to make massage most comfortable for the provider and the mom to be.

Prenatal Emergency Appointment

Sometimes a little pain management, comfort and R&R is needed and I’m happy to be there wherever you may be. This is your request for a last minute appointment any where you choose. It can be at my office, your home or even your hospital.

1st Birthday Massage for Mom

The 1st Birthday of your baby can be an emotional & healing time leading up to the birthday and a few weeks after. During this time you have seen not only how far you baby has come in development physically & emotionally, but also you look back at your birth experience and your body’s changes. This is a great time to honor your body for the amazing work it did creating your child, to release and renew for the years to come.

Note: Postpartum house-call sessions can be shortened and minutes carried over to future sessions, due to the nature of massage in the home with an infant.