Meet Our Staff

Owner & Founder
Veena S. Lucas, CMT, RYT, D.D.

Veena Lucas

“While my role at Body Continuum is that of guide and mentor, welcoming and facilitating the growth of capable and passionate new healers in the community, I have also founded Luminescence Energy Medicine where I continue to work directly with clients to clear past energetic trauma and facilitate self-healing through focused, intuitive care.”

Veena was raised in the Eastern traditions of yoga and self-healing with lifelong exposure to the arts, philosophies and traditions of many religions and cultures. She carries a strong interest in Asian arts and the philosophies of Zen, Taoism and Buddhism, and believes in artistic expression, supportive environments and community. While considering herself a lifetime student of the healing arts, Veena’s primary disciplinary emphasis is the integration of Western and Eastern modalities and theories as a means to nourish the body, releasing trauma from the body and energizing the person as a whole.

Previously serving her community as a family massage therapist, Veena has worked with clients of all ages and stages of life, from customizing prenatal and postpartum massages for new mothers and their infants, to releasing tension in the chronically stressed and comforting those experiencing chronic pain, illness or disability. Her specialty is customizing treatment to the individual and facilitating the relaxation response of the mind and body.

This extensive knowledge and passion for intuitive, individualized care is the foundation for providing a quality training and healing space for both clients and staff. In commitment to serving our community and strengthening unity by improving the overall wellness of the individuals within it, Body Continuum is a registered B-Corp (the business equivalent of “Fair Trade” or “USDA Organic” certification).

Massage Training

Mueller College of Holistic Studies is my primary school where I am pursuing a Holistic Health Practitioner Certification. I have also attended classes at the Massage Therapy Institute in Davis, Healing Arts Institute In Sacramento, and Philips School of Massage in Nevada City.

In addition to formal training, I practice each new technique for 6 months to a year before offering the technique to the public as a service; this is part of my self study.

Additional Training

Yoga: In 2005 I graduated from a 200 hour yoga teacher training program through the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Val Morin, Quebec.

Energywork: Since 2004 I have acquired over 600 hours of Energywork and Reiki Training. I give thanks to all the mentors, friends, and guides for guiding and supporting me along this intuitive journey.

Women’s Health: Since 2004 I have studied Women’s Holistic Health. I give thanks and appreciation to Kami McBride, Living Awareness Institute in Vacaville, California for encouraging my studies.

Since 1995 I have studied and appreciated Asian arts, traditions and culture, including Zen Buddhist Meditation, Martial Arts, Calligraphy, Tea Ceremony and Zen Archery. Each practice has influenced my work.


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