Energywork & Holistic Therapies



Reiki Healing – Usui System

ReikiReiki Healing activates self-healing energy within receptive points on the body. Your reiki practitioner will place their hands on or just above your body, moving progressively with a passive touch through 12 positions on the body, remaining in each position for three to five minutes. As the harmonic flow of energy is strengthened, natural healing occurs through the return of physical, mental and spiritual balance.
Prices:  60 minutes $75  |  75 minutes $95  |  90 minutes $110

Light Touch Therapeutic Powder Massage

This gentle treatment caresses the body with lightly scented powder. An effective pain reduction technique for those with skin or muscle tenderness, Powder Massage is often used in hospitals as a therapeutic tool to reduce the use of pain medication. Unscented powders are also available. This is a lymphatic and nervous system reset.
Prices:  45 minutes $50  |  60 minutes $68  |  75 minutes $95  |  90 minutes $110

Intuitive Energywork

After a brief introduction (or greeting for returning clients), and when you feel comfortable, your therapist will begin by tuning into the pathways created by the instincts, emotions and responses connected to your life experiences, and relaying the images or thoughts that are intuitively revealed without judgement or interpretation. Following this, your therapist will tune into your body energy to see which areas, chakras and organs are being affected by your life experiences and foster healing in those areas by sending positive energy directly to those areas. These intuitive connections are harnessed and nurtured by your therapist through maintaining a strong and positive intentional presence as you share space together during your session.
Prices:  60 minutes $100  |  75 minutes $125  |  90 minutes $150

Abdominal Massage w/Reiki

This intuitive abdominal massage focuses on releasing old emotions and energies from the womb to improve your reproductive health. Treatment is appropriate from the onset of fertility all the way through menopause. It’s a space for you to rest, talk, or be silent as we unwind the belly and release old holding patterns of the fascia. This improves circulation and simulates the self-healing process.
Prices:  60 minutes $75  |  75 minutes $95  |  90 minutes $110

Holistic Therapies

Ear Candling

Ear Candling
A beeswax cylinder is gently placed in the ear and lit from the opposite side creating a vacuum. This gentle vacuum safely loosens wax build up and toxins, reduces excess moisture and relieves sinus pressure. Each session is followed with a relaxing sinus massage. (45-60 minutes)
Prices:  45-60 minutes $65

Sinus Care

Sinus Massage
Relax into a gentle massage to the neck and shoulders while you receive an aromatic steam of fresh herbs, teas and essential oils, finished with a pressure point face massage. (20-40 minutes)
Prices:   20 minutes $25 | 30 minutes
$38 | 40 minutes $50