Classes & Workshops

Classes and Workshops


Classical Hatha Yoga

6-Week Beginners Series
My goal is to offer you a class that not only provides adequate time to warm up the spine and release tension, but to give you time to connect your breath with each pose and find the balance between active and passive relaxation. A touch of guided meditation and tools for understanding the body’s energies through TCM and Ayurveda both over 3,000 year old traditions of health and healing. Join us and end your week on a balanced and beneficial note.

Infant Massage Group Class

A great opportunity to see how different babies like different types of touch. In this group find what works for your little one so that you may build trust in touch, stimulate healthy sensory development and build your bond with your little one. This class is great for mothers, fathers, partners, grandparents and care providers.

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Mixed-level Classes
Yoga Warm-up & Guided Meditation
Body Awareness: Mindful Movements for Injury Prevention
Self Massage
Prenatal Partner Massage
Family Massage

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Intro to Healthy Foods and Lifestyles

Introduction to Slow Food Movement, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Foods & Gluten Free. Samples from wonderful chefs in our local area will be available in addition to the history, philosophy and benefits of each lifestyle.

Less Toxic Living

Our goal for these gatherings is to bring a diverse group of people together who have little to lots of experience with less toxic living. Your hosts will discuss how we have brought less toxins and more organics into our home, share areas we still need solutions for and share information you may not know. We will explore tools to share with others the importance of Organics and less toxins on our health, our community and the earth. In closing, we will each share what changes we want to make in order to progress to less toxic living. We will be sampling the product lines we love as well. You are invited and we hope you will join us.

Teen Group

Each group meeting includes an opening meditation, a check-in sharing time, an experiential exercise based on the interests the group members have chosen to explore during their group, and discussion/sharing time (with a break/free hang-out time for 15 minutes in the middle). Once per six session group we invite an adult from the community to come share their gifts with the group. (Want to come?) We have had Astrology, Yoga, Art, Movement, Energywork, Sound Healing, and lots of other fun evenings of experience and caring. So please think of the teenagers in your community, and let them know this is available. Thank you so much.

Sacred Sex: Two-day Workshop

The Divine Path into the Heart of Love
Teachings we will explore:
Creative Tantric Exercises
Nature of Love/Sacredness of Sex
The Seven Sacred Sites of the Yoni
The Multi-orgasmic Man
Sacred Ritual Ceremony

Shaman’s Breath

Winds of the Soul Centers
Shaman’s Breath is an experiential workshop exploring the dynamic power of Healing through accessing the vital energy of the soul centers. The workshop unearths the indigenous traditions relating to the powerful soul centers (chakras) within the human energy field.

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Personal Mandala
Personal Mobiles
Container Gardening
Earth Building
Enerywork Basics: for Loved Ones
Energywork Basics: for Spaces

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Full Moon Ceremony

Join us for this community gathering to celebrate the feminine aspects of the Moon’s energy and what she provides us in the way of manifestation and prosperity. I will share shamanic teachings and ceremony; we will sing together, share our visions, dance, play our instruments and enjoy being in sacred community. Please bring an instrument if you have one, food to share and a pillow or chair to sit on in the garden. Kids welcome.

Second Saturday ArtWalk

We will be featuring local art, photography, crafts and more for your viewing pleasure and or purchase. Each Art walk will feature a silent auction to raise money for a local event, or non-profit organization.

Open House

Open House is a great chance to show off the space to friends and family, meet our team of therapists, visiting practitioners, teachers and workshop leaders. Sometimes we even feature food from local restaurants and caterers.

Online Classes

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